The shutters, downspouts, and other accessories have been removed, trees pulled back and the siding is now ready to be washed.


The washing process requires pre wetting the surface, dispensing the Decontaminator biodegradable detergent, manual agitation, and then complete coldwater rinse with either a garden hose or pressure washer


After the siding has dried, the technician will mask off all elements of the home that are not to be coated such as the windows, doors and light fixtures.


The siding is now ready for the certified applicator to restore the surface with the AquaSurTech ecological coating. The fast dry feature allows the technician to start and complete the same area before moving to the next prepared area virtually transforming the siding before your eyes.

Side by side transformation

The procedure is completed, by the removal of the masking, and the clean up of the work site.

The spray applied AquaSurTech coating has the same low sheen factory finish as new siding but at less than half the price. With AquaSurTech's Siding Doctor, the homeowner can enjoy the long lasting restored beauty of their home, guaranteed for 12 years, and increase re-sale value simply and economically without any major inconveniences or costly renovations.

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